The 2021 Virtual Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Workshop on Earthquake Hazard


Major participants in this online meeting

The 2021 workshop was held online as a 2-day virtual workshop on Dec. 20-21, 2021 due to concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19.

Three discussion sessions were held at the workshop to discuss the recent progress and advances in (1) earthquake source studies, (2) ground motion studies, and (3) national earthquake hazard models. In the first session, studies on earthquake source for probabilistic seismic hazard assessment (PSHA) such as seismogenic structure, seismicity models, and earthquake simulation were presented. In the second session, studies on observation and modeling of ground motion were presented. The third session had presentations on the latest updates and perspectives on the national seismic hazard maps for Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand.

After a total of 16 presentations, we had short presentation session followed by general discussion session with final remarks.

The virtual workshop was successfully done thanks to the host, TEM. We expect to have an on-site workshop in 2022.

For details, please see 2021 Virtual Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Workshop on Earthquake Hazard.