The 2019 Japan-New Zealand-Taiwan
Seismic Hazard Workshop

Date: Meeting: 4-6th; Field trip: 7-8th, November 2019
Location: Toyako Cultural Center, Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan

Meeting Venue

(Hokkaido Toyako Summit Memorial (3F) and Toyako Onsen Bus Terminal (1F) , photo by K. Nakamura)


  • 3-7th Nov. (Japanese Tatami-style room used usually for 2+, accordingly, individual cost was cheaper than the Single-use price)
*1 Hotels with Links *2 Single-use prices
per night
Bus stop
1 Toyako Manseikaku Hotel Lakeside Terrace ¥22,000 ˜ ¥30,000 洞爺湖万世閣ホテル レイクサイドテラス Central Dori
2 Toya Gokirakutei ¥12,000 ˜ ¥23,000 洞爺 ごきらく亭 Central Dori
3 Toya Kohan Tei ¥20,000 ˜ ¥25,000 洞爺 湖畔亭 Central Dori
4 Toya-onsen Hotel Hanabi ¥10,000 ˜ ¥20,000 洞爺温泉ホテル華美 Motomachi
5 Toya Kanko Hotel ¥21,000 ˜ ¥40,000 洞爺観光ホテル Sakuramachi
6 Granvillage Toya Daiwa Ryokan Annex ¥9,000 ˜ ¥18,000 グランヴィレッヂ洞爺 大和旅館アネックス Sakuramachi
7 Yutorelo Toyako ¥16,000 ˜ ¥23,000 ゆとりろ洞爺湖 Central Dori
*1. You may find customer’s reviews and hotel’s difference from the given links. By last May trip experience Hotel 1 is recommended by its abundant breakfast & dinner. Early booking is cheaper usually.
*2. We reserved some rooms, but price may be a little bit higher than Web booking. Please let us know if you want single-use but cannot book, or no room preference but upon room available.

Travel from New Chitose Airport (2˜ hours)

  • By bus rental:
    13:10 Meeting place: Following NIED-flag holder at New Chitose Airport
    • BUS 1 (with Pre-Workshop Field Trip)

      13:30 Deapature
      14:30 Jigokudani (地獄谷, Hell Valley) in Noboribetsu Onsen (登別温泉)
      16:00 Deapature
      17:00 Arrival on Toyako Onsen

    • BUS 2

      15:30 (Depend on Questionnaire and Flight Arrival) Departure
      17:00 Arrival on Toyako Onsen

  • By individual travel: please see the link of

Travel from Sapporo (3˜ hours)

  • By bus: from JR Sapporo(札幌) ⇒ Toyako Onsen Bus terminal (洞爺湖温泉)

Travel from Hakodate (3˜ hours)

  • By Train (Super Hokuto): HAKODATE (函館) ⇒ TOYA (JR-MURORAN 洞爺)

Hotel for field trip (Detail Coming soon)

  • 7-8th, Nov. (rooms are Japanese style, usually for 2, or more people)
  • Drop off participants at New Chitose airport at 16:00pm Nov. 8th