The 2022 Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment Meeting

The 2022 workshop, hosted by TEM, was held in Luyeh, Taitung County, Taiwan, on October 31-November 4.

About 50 participants onsite and 40 online actively joined the presentations and discussion during the two-and-a-half-day workshop. In addition to participants from Taiwan, Japan, and New Zealand, researchers from the United States, India, and Indonesia also joined the workshop either onsite or online. There were total of 8 sessions: Records and Analysis of Recent Large Earthquakes, Active Faults and Paleoseismology, Geodetic Strain, Sub-surface Structure Mapping, Ground Motion Prediction, Earthquake Scenario Simulation, PSHA and Applications, Seismic Risk Analysis.

Subsequently, participants attended the two-and-a-half-day field trip to eastern Taiwan around the area in which 2022 Guanshan-Chihshang Earthquakes took place.

For detailed information, please visit 2022 Taiwan-Japan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment Meeting.

A photo from the field trip. About 1-meter left-displacement with uplift in near hand, between the two persons, found in Changeling Watermelon field after the 2022 Guanshan-Chihshang earthquakes, where the NNE strike Yuli(玉里) fault went through.

Another photo from the field trip. Over 800 meters of the Yuli (玉里) bridge collapsed, Taitung, during the 2022 Guanshan-Chihshang Earthquakes.