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Terms of Use / Disclaimer

Article 1: Acceptance of terms

  1. These Terms of Use (“TOU” below) set forth the terms and conditions that apply to your use of the J-SHIS as a web service, all information, topics, headers, figures, photographs (“Content”) provided by J-SHIS, and your use of the data.
  2. The new TOU comes into effect when it is different from the former.

Article 2: Modification

  1. NIED may make changes to TOU at any time without notice.
  2. Modification will be effective when notice of such change is posted on the J-SHIS web site, except as may be otherwise agreed by NIED in writing.

Article 3: Confirmation of data

  1. The seismic hazard map is based on the research products of NIED.
  2. The seismic hazard maps were produced in a given period, e.g., in the 30 years after the reference date.
  3. The amplification factor of surface layers is set as the representative value, which means the same intensity within about 1 square km for the 2008 version, within about 250 square m after the 2009 version. Differences between the models and an actual case are expected from the probabilistic evaluations of earthquake occurrence, hypocenter source model and underground structure. Therefore, there is error tolerance in the seismic hazard map.
  4. For the 2008 version, “JMA Seismic intensity 6-Upper or more” denotes 6 Upper or 7, since there are not enough data for intensity 7, as well as reason in Numeral 3, Article 3.
  5. The displayed information may differ from an actual case (e.g. railroad, road, administrative district, etc.).
  6. Please contact us at j-shis at bosai.go.jp if you have any questions.

Article 4: Enrollment for reprinting and quotation

  1. Please acknowledge it clearly if data from the seismic hazard map is reprinted or quoted for any purpose.
  2. Please cite the individual references as given in section “Guide for file: Site Amplification Factors” of file format specification clearly if site amplification factors data is reprinted or quoted for any purpose.
  3. Please send copies (of any paper, report, proceedings of academic meeting, and publication which make use of data from J-SHIS) to the following address:
    TO: J-SHIS
    National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED)
    3-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba
    Ibaraki 305-0006
  4. Please acknowledge it clearly if Content of the site are reprinted or quoted for any purpose.

Article 5: Limited availability

  1. Users can edit and process data from the seismic hazard map, and distribute, transfer, and/or loan the results freely, except in the restrictive cases stipulated in Article 5. If, however, users plan to sell the results, they are required to contact j-shis at bosai.go.jp. An application may be required.
  2. Users are prohibited from duplicating data from the seismic hazard map (including duplication in a different file format), and from distributing and transferring data to a third party.
  3. Users are prohibited from using data from the seismic hazard map for purposes that violate any law. Use of this data for purposes, by means, and in ways that infringe on others’ rights and offend public order and morals are also prohibited.
  4. Should the above restrictive items be violated, any use of data from the seismic hazard map is strictly prohibited.

Article 6: Service contents

  1. Data from the seismic hazard map can be downloaded for free. Users of this website, however, bear communications and other costs incurred for accessing this website.
  2. This website does not provide any software required to use the data.

Article 7: Disclaimers

  1. Users take full responsibility for any damage that they, or third parties, incur in relation to the use of data, whatever the reason may be. Neither the Headquarters for Earthquake Research Promotion nor NIED is responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the seismic hazard map data.
  2. NIED takes no responsibility for any damage arising during access and download from J-SHIS.
  3. Descriptions in background maps of J-SHIS are not NIED’s official views.

Article 8: Others

  1. The laws of Japan govern the terms and conditions for this website.
  2. Please contact j-shis at bosai.go.jp for questions about this website.
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