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How can I get the waveform data for the Scenario Earthquake Shaking Maps in J-SHIS?

The waveform data are available from Autumn 2011. You can download the data in K-NET ASCII format for each site.

How to download

  1. Open J-SHIS Map by a web browser.
  2. Click “SESM” tab.
    SESM tab

    Open J-SHIS Map and click on "SESM" tab.

  3. Click a source fault on the map view. The detailed information window and the map of the selected fault are shown.
  4. Zoom in to the map and double-click a mesh. “Mesh information-SESM” window about 250 m mesh (shown with a red rectangle in the map view) that you double-clicked appears.
  5. You can see velocity waveform graphs by clicking “Waveform” button in “Mesh information-SESM” window.
    Waveform button

    Click on "Waveform" button to switch from Mesh information window to Waveform window.

  6. Select an archive format from “zip” and “tar.gz” using the radio button on right-top corner, you can download and save the waveform file by clicking “Download” button.
    Waveform window

    Select an archive format and click on "Download" button.

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