The 2014 Japan-Taiwan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment


Japan-Taiwan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment, May 19-23, 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

Our group of Seismic Hazard Assessment has been growing! The Sendai symposium of Seismic Hazard Assessment and activities before have widely influenced to professional fields related. GNS Science, New Zealand showed great interests in PSHA issues in the island-arc settings of plate boundaries.

After discussions in Tsukuba, Taipei and AGU meeting in San Francisco, TEM and NIED are very pleased to have GNS Science, New Zealand to join the workshop and share their experiences on seismic assessment in south west Pacific. Taiwan, Japan and New Zealand have commons of high seismicity, larger earthquake damage experiences recently. The island-arc settings of plate boundaries bring us together to the earthquake sensitive spots, three of the most active seismicity islands in the world. As developed earthquake-research partnership in APEC economies and the formal GEM member, we have the same targets of seismic hazard assessment.

The 2014 Japan-Taiwan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment was held on 19-23 May in Taipei, Taiwan. The meeting included a two-day workshop, followed by a three-day field trip to eastern Taiwan, where is the collision boundary of the Philippine Sea Plate and the Eurasian Plate. Throughout the workshop, we shared our experiences on seismic hazard and risk assessments and discussed common problems that we might encounter. For detail, please to see 2014 Japan-Taiwan-New Zealand Seismic Hazard Assessment Meeting.